Newtonian reflector telescope (rendered model)
Newtonian reflector telescope (rendered model)

When I pointed this thing towards the sky for the first time and peered through the eyepiece, two thoughts immediately struck me: 1) holy s*** it works!, and 2) wow, space is awesome.

Regarding my first thought… I wasn’t so much shocked that it worked, but I was shocked that it worked so very well. There’s a lot that goes into engineering a good telescope, and I was not sure if 3D-printing with plastic filaments would measure up. To my surprise, this thing works great.

To be fair, with its 6" (153 mm) primary mirror, this is considered a small…

This past month, it was announced that the CIO of a publicly-traded company (where I just happen to work) would be stepping down in a few months. This was devastating news to me, and to many of the 200+ IT members of the company. She is an amazing CIO — someone who I respect for her strong leadership, her drive, and her intellect. When the news broke, I didn’t know what to say to her, so I avoided her for a few days while I thought about it.

And then I came up with an idea.

I decided to write…

And why you would do such a thing

There are two ways to implement custom skills for Alexa.

The first is the most common and is the Amazon-recommended way. Use AWS Lambda, a server-less computer service. There is no shortage of articles and tutorials on the topic. This is not one of them.

The second way is far less common. This is hosting an endpoint using a HTTPS web service that you manage. It is a bit more difficult to find good examples of this approach. This article will attempt to do just that, and will use Spring Boot as the basis for the implementation.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about how to best implement page navigation within a Xamarin.Forms mobile app. My deep-dive into this topic started when a colleague sent me an article entitled The Coordinator, written by Soroush Khanlou. Initially, I was a very happy passenger on the Coordinator bandwagon. I guess I still am. It’s a wonderful way to think about and implement separation of concerns with respect to UI/UX and general navigation.

The following notes represent my thoughts on the subject, learnings with regard to an implementation in Xamarin.Forms, and how delegates in C# can help.

Why Coordinators?

Soroush’s solution…

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